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Linea 5801 Satin White Single Width Bookshelf Unit

A narrow bookshelf combining open and enclosed storage, perfect on its own or as the foundation for a complete Linea wall system. Whether using a single shelf on its own or combining multiple units to create a complete wall system or room divider, Linea Shelves provide a versatile combination of open and enclosed storage. Making an ideal wall system, Linea Shelving can also be used to create a room divider, securely anchoring to a wall on one end. Polished tempered glass shelves provide a clean and modern look while being durable enough to support a library of books and a lifetime of treasures. Linea shelves include a generous cut out on the bottom shelf of the enclosed cabinet that allows for convenient cord connections and out-of-sight cable management.

Linea 5801 Satin White Single Width Bookshelf Unit Specifications

  1. Dimensions
    Shelf Width 37.5 cm
    Shelf Depth 35 cm
    Shelf Clearance 32.5cm
    Shelf Capacity 45 kg
  1. A - Interior Compartment
    Interior Dimensions 61H x 34W x 31D cm
    Adjustable Shelf Capacity 23 kg
    Bottom Shelf Capacity 23 kg
    Adjustable Shelf Increments 64 mm; 3 positions
  1. Specifications
    Top Shelf Capacity 46 kg
    Weight 55.5 kg
    Packaged Dimensions 13H x 221W x 40D cm
    Packaged Weight 62 kg

Furniture dimensions, specifications, materials, finishes and availability are subject to change. Due to variations in computer monitors, the actual finish may appear differently online. Visit your local BDI retailer to view actual finish samples.


Due to variations in computer monitors, actual finish may appear differently online.

BDI’s wood finishes feature natural hardwood solids and veneers. Wood is a product of nature and - unlike man-made materials that can be manufactured to strict and consistent specifications - has natural imperfections that are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood differs from every other, even when coming from the very same tree. As such, variation in grain, texture and tone should be expected from one panel or piece of furniture to the next. It is this variation that separates natural wood from an engineered product, and variations should be expected as part of the beauty of a real wood finish.

BDI's Natural Walnut finish is clear-coated and does not include any stains or color modifiers whatsoever. This natural finish will typically change in appearance over time, usually starting out as a medium tone and then becoming darker, more amber over time with exposure to ambient natural light. It can also fade and get much lighter with exposure to direct sunlight. To avoid discolored spots in the wood tone, periodically move any items that are resting on the finished surfaces including lamps, vases, TVs, etc.

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